Thursday, July 2, 2015

feathers live here...................

             Hi there! This is the place to be today if you love feathers, I have them in abundance!

This beauty is a class sample for The Country Yard called 'Star Mastery'. Featuring several different stars. The class is focused on making the stars, the layout is simply an idea, but a lovely idea!

For something a little different I quilted straight lines on the central star blocks treating them separate from the outer stars, there by giving the illusion that the outer stars were 'floating' out to the border.

I enjoyed this concept and I am sure I can used this idea again. Now did I say something about feathers???

I used my curved rulers from Lisa Calle for the arcs,  I then echoed which gave me a nice pocket to place some pebbles in, I used a soft smokey/blue grey poly neon thread by Madeira, this created a soft contrast. Because I went down the road of wanting the feathers to look like they were floating, I had to quilt feathers right up to the striped sashings.

For a touch of continuity from the inner stars to the outer stars I quilted pebbles on the blocks with the primitive muslin background fabrics.

The next quilt features more feathers. Made by Gaynor at a class last year at The Country Yard.

I have quilted several of these lacey antique heirlooms. They can be tricky due to all the open crocheted doilies, you have to be careful to not get your hopping foot caught.

                     The sashings got a treatment of 'curling ribbon', the borders...........guess???

                    Thank you so much ladies for letting me loose on your beautiful quilts!

I am looking forward to a small break in quilting while I have my granddaughter to stay, here's hoping she will be keen to spend time with granny in her sewing space!

                            I still have three more quilts to share with you, so watch this space!

Monday, June 29, 2015

a mystery quilt from The Country Yard

           Earlier last week I finished quilting another of The Country Yard's mystery stitcheries.
                                              This one is called "Quilters Theme".

A lovely mix of exclusive stitchery designs and simple piecing. The Country Yard's mysteries are always popular and sellout super quick!

On the string pieced blocks I quilted curved cross hatching, there was of course the 'must do' ditch stitching.

The stitchery blocks were fun not just because of the quilting themed items but the shape of the blocks. I 'ditch' stitched around the main feature of the stitcheries, which is a time consuming but worth it..

The range of fabric is called:"Piecemakers" by Kathy Schmitz. I am using the same range for my own personal quilt using Wendy Briggs stitchery patterns. See here for that post (BTW.....I have finished all the stitcheries, I just need to complete the top and of course quilt it!)

Fancy a look at the backside????....................

A pieced backing featuring a panel that was part of a fat quarter bundle from the same range.

                                             "Anyone want to share mouse for dinner?"

Saturday, June 27, 2015

A plaid quilt, a stitchery quilt and wool.

A warm welcome to my readers and followers who stop by to see the quilting I do, it's nice to have you here.
Facebook followers will have seen some sneak peeks of Gina's Country Quilt, called "House Sampler" .

Clearly the big old rosemary bush has to go! At this time of the year the sun is not rising high enough into the sky. Anyway this a quilting blog not a professional photography one.
Gina has been plodding away at this quilt for a few years, made mainly of plaid fabrics mixed with fabrics with a country feel. The quilt measures: 74" x 87".

The style of this quilt did lend it's self to simple quilting, straight lines and of course stipple. Gina had used black thread for the hand blanket stitch on the applique blocks so I went ahead and used a deep navy thread for the bulk of the quilting.

On the houses I quilted a variety of simple patterns to give some nice textures. There were window's that needed ditch stitching as well as the appliques.

Gina will need all the quilts she can get living in Canterbury, it's very cold down there at the moment, I'm pleased the postie could get through the snow covered roads to deliver this lovely quilt to Gina.

I have an exciting week coming up, my granddaughter is coming to stay for a week. For this week I won't be quilting as I want to spend some quality time with her. So with that in mind I have been working extra hours working at keeping my quilting pile moving. I don't like my lovely customers waiting too long to get their treasured quilts back.

Lois made this sweet little quilt, combining stitcheries, applique and piecing. Lois said to quilt as I wished.

Feathers and swirls are sure to please and simple diagonal lines across the stitchery blocks. Lois picked her quilt up today and I can report she was delighted!

It's winter here in New Zealand so I thought I would share these cute photo's of a tree I saw that is getting some 'winter woollies' made by the locals in Dargaville.

On the topic of wool, a few weekends ago I made friends with Youtube to learn how to crochet. It's wonderful that you can pause, rewind and play all over again.......and again and again!

I have a grand total of eleven granny squares! I am so happy. Crocheting granny squares is incredibly relaxing. My day feels complete when I can say I crocheted another granny square!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Custom quilting an Irish Chain and an all over design.........

Soft and subtle is how I would best describe Michele's Nine patch Irish Chain. Soft creamy white and pastel little boxes of colour!

When I was last in Hawera in the Taranaki I stopped into Michele's lovely little quilt shop called "Wildflower Creations" website but you can find her on Facebook. While there she gave me two quilts to take away to be quilted, this one for custom and the other for all over quilting.

As you can see I did the required ditch stitching, then some orange peel on those nine patch blocks then some of my custom feathers on the plain blocks.

The back was interesting, the orange peel design created circles, which looked like bubbles or polka dots!

The second quilt Michele gave me is a pretty 'Shabby Chic' quilt, I quilted an all over pattern called Camelia's.

A soft and feminine quilt, it would look pretty draped in a room with the lovely creamy rustic furniture we are seeing more and more these days.

Thank you Michele, here's hoping you have many years of enjoyment from these pretty quilts either in your home or used as props in your lovely shop.

The sunrise driving to the Farmers market Saturday morning, a different story on the way home! A dark moody black sky.

             For those days when the sun is out, you may as well be out letting it warm your back!