Thursday, April 30, 2015

Custom and all over quilting designs and a video

                                  Hi there thinkers, dreamers and lovers of all things fabric!
                                          First up today is a custom quilting job for Pat.

This a design by England Street Quilts called "Summer at the Beach". Pat asked if I could please custom quilt this black, white and red beauty for her.

I did so by starting off with stitching in the ditches, then I moved on to straight lines and pebbles. This was a time consuming procedure, but so worth it.

                If you are interested I made a short (5 minutes) video of how I quilted this block.
My machine a is hand guided long arm (no computers). For the straight lines I used stitch regulated and for the pebbles I used my motor speed, which is like free motion quilting on your domestic machine - you are controlling the length of your stitches.
                         For your viewing pleasure I even managed to add some fancy music!

                                Next is a quilt with an all over quilting design (edge to edge).
                              Trimmed and photographed ready for me to attach the binding.

This is Rossie's second quilt, very simple but so sweet. I have quilted meandering butterflies in a beigey thread, the name of the thread is a sweet one : mothergoose.

Rossie tells me she purchase the middle fabric on a trip to Japan last year, then a friend helped her come with a pleasing design. Rossie plans to add some vintage doilies and laces to this pretty quilt.

A reasonably productive week, I hope to have the same desirable results at our annual retreat this weekend!
Sue, this next photo is to keep you happy! This is Simon (aka 'The Supervisor) having a lovely sleep on the sofa between me and my Mr.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Stitchers Garden and a birthday celebration.

        Check out Jacki's stunning "Stitchers Garden" quilt! Made in a class at The Apple Basket.

Made with some gorgeous scrummy fabrics, linens, textured fabrics and fabrics with a slight overlay of sparkle for a teeny bit of 'bling'!
You may remember seeing the same design a couple of months back when I quilted Chris' version. See this post.
Jacki asked for a few points of difference, in her words :"no frilly dilly stuff"...............................
So it was straight lines in and 'frilly dilly' quilting out!!

 One of the challenges I faced with this beautiful quilt was the applique blocks have already been quilted, the backgrounds have a semi lofty stabilizer on the back side and each background has it's own 'quilting'. You will notice the above block shows diagonal decorative  pin tucking, so this was my challenge, I was reluctant to do any quilting in the background. 

You can see in the photo above the decorative stitching on the background fabric, all that can be done on these blocks is ditch stitching as not interfere with these decorations. Some of SID (stitching in the ditch) had to be 1/8th or 1/4" from the edge of the appliques as the decorative stitching often protruded over the edges of the applique shapes.

A swirl and some curling ribbon on the border wasn't to frilly for Jacki she rather liked the touch and the fact that the fabric is patterned the quilting gives texture more than a stand out quilting design.

I have been quilting for Jacki for several years now and I feel like I know her style : clean lines, simplicity and definitely NO  frills.............................I had to send the feathers packing for this quilt!
Thanks so much Jacki. Back lovers will enjoy the backing of this quilt, Jacki always makes special quilt backs for her quilts.

I like this early morning photo, un- cropped, with my wilderness garden, to the left is a large Australian Frangipani tree waiting for planting.

Monday saw a friend ready for another birthday and why not share it with a few friends? I invited a few friends over to share the celebrations with coffee and cake and of course there were presents!
This is what I nearly didn't give to my friend..............................................

                                     And the back...................................................................

 This cushion looked so nice just resting to be wrapped up that I think I shall have to make myself one!

I had one strip of squares left over, so I pondered what to do with the strip? Then I remembered the hand towels I like to decorate.......................................

As much as I like my friend and value our friendship, I did find it hard to wrap these gifts up and give to her, but I did!


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

How can I help you turn those quilt tops into Quilts?

                                                  I would like to answer that question.
                                               The first seems obvious...........quilting!
                                                 Let's first start with custom quilting. 

Custom quilting consists of stitching in the ditches, around appliques and quilting designs to enhance your blocks, borders and sashings.

                      I can work with applique, pieced, wholecloth, panels and stitchery quilts.

                                   The density and intensity of the quilting is your choice.

I also offer all over quilting designs (edge to edge quilting), this option works well for utility quilts or if you want your quilt back in a short space of time (custom quilting is more time consuming). All over quilting designs work well for those on a budget.

                                 As well as quilting, I offer a full or partial binding service.

                                   - I make, attach and hand stitch your binding in place.(full service)
                                   - You make the binding and I attach and hand stitch in place.
                                   - I attach the binding you made and you hand stitch in place.

                                               I also have a selection of battings for sale.

                                                 I will even make a bespoke quilt label!!

As well as all of these helpful services I also offer machine basting. As much as I love quilting for my customers I realise some people like to do their own quilting. So often I hear complaints of sore backs and knees from kneeling down on the floor to baste quilts. There is no need to do this any longer as I can thread baste for you! No more back breaking work.

                                  Kerry said this about my thread basting service:

Using Leeanne's thread basting service was so good.... there was no taping  a quilt to the floor  then having to deal with the  pinning up of a quilt. This made ditch stitching very easy and was great  not having to stop to remove pins, and in no time at all you were onto the main body of quilting.The thread Leeanne used for basting was highly visible and very easy to remove.
I will be using this service again and highly recommend it others.

                                              Sharing Barbara's comments with you:

Leeanne has basted a quilt for me and I am very happy with the result. I will definitely be asking for this basting service in the future.  No more crawling over the floor pinning my quilts together and it makes quilting such a pleasure with no pins to worry about as I quilt. Thank you Leeanne.

I will thread baste approximately 4-5" columns  using my long arm machine and a contrasting thread. When you have finished your quilting you simply pull the threads out! How cool is that!
For more details see "let me Quilt for you". (top of this page).

Friday, April 17, 2015

It's not a quilt until it's quilted................................

The following three quilts are now quilts! All three customers asked for all over quilting designs.

 First up is a quilt created by Christine for her ten year old granddaughter.The pattern came from a book called " Jellyroll Inspiration", compiled by Pam & Nicky Lintott. The pattern was designed by Joanne Ridley, the design is called " May Flowers".

Christine was running out of time to get this quilt finished in time for her granddaughters birthday, so she chose all over quilting instead of the more time consuming custom quilting.

I quite fancy this quilting, called "Camellia's". The quilt measures 59" x 68", the thread is a soft pinky/mauve Glide thread. Christine had the prettiest backing.

Thank you Christine.
Next is Suzanne's Swoon quilt. Suzanne was keen to have a Baptist Fan quilting. Facebook followers will remember my sneak peeks.

Isn't this a lovely quilt! So fresh and revitalizing. I used a white Madeira poly thread top and bottom.

Thank you Suzanne, no doubt we will see this lovely quilt featured on your blog when you have completed the binding.
Next up is Elaine's group Row by Row quilt. Made several years ago as a group effort, Elaine was keen to get this fun quilt quilted!

Elaine was happy to go with an all over quilting design, there is a lot going on in this quilt, so it is probably the best choice.

A fun quilting design called "Splash"............seems appropriate for a beachy themed quilt. The backing looks good too, a soft blue flannel. Thank you Elaine, enjoy!

A few weeks back I was very fortunate to win Gail Pan's latest Christmas Stitchery book!! Whoopwhoop!

I am a big fan of Gail's designs, I have made several of her quilts and stitcheries, so I was delighted to win her book. Gail signed my copy for me, thanks Gail! I look forward to stitching up some of these beautiful designs.

Simon has been up to his usual mischief, sleeping in places he's not meant to, scratching, just the the usual stuff to get our attention. In the following photo he was having a cute moment sitting on the stairs.

The next customer quilt I am working on is a custom job, very pretty.........I am still working on the ditch stitching.

 Until next time......................................