Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A baby boy quilt and a bag.

Hello friends, I sure hope your week has been a happy one. Today I am sharing a baby quilt made by Elizabeth for friends that are expecting a boy.

Elizabeth asked me  to custom quilt this one, so I did have some fun! If you are a regular follower of my blog you will notice whenever I am working on a custom quilt I like to ditch stitch. I know many quilters don't but I feel by ditch stitching you define the piecing and give a real crisp look to the quilt. It is time consuming but so worth it.

For this pretty quilt I pulled out some of my 'gadgets', the straight edged ruler for the ditch stitching and the others for the curves etc.

The quilt measures 35" x 47", Elizabeth chose wool/cotton batting, some of the fabrics are by Bunny Hill.

A feathered border to blend with the feather wreaths and for something a bit different I quilted curved cross hatched squares in the border corners.

A couple of photo's with the perfect light to really show off the quilting!

Got to say, I really do love my job! So many lovely quilts of all kinds. If you follow me along on Facebook you will see the next quilt I have been working on is so different. here is a peek.

I am part of a small group of women who get together once a month to stitch and @#*%^$ here! We have a Christmas swap, you know the drill, you pull a name out of the hat and that is the person you make a gift for. Here is what I made Di.

The pattern was from a Moda bake shop book called:Fresh Fabric Treats'................say that ten times with a lolly pop in your mouth!!

You are probably thinking Christmas presents in February?! Well some in the group had lots going on in December and January, anyway why not drag Christmas out a bit longer!
I also made a wee zip pouch and popped some threads and needles inside. I fondly call Di 'The Bag Lady' as she makes some lovely bags and has quite a few! I hope she doesn't mind another.

Until next time........................................................

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Jelly roll layer cake quilt

Nicki asked me to quilt and all over quilting design on her quilt made from a jelly roll and layer cake. I chose a green- taupe variegated thread.

This is a reasonably large quilt measuring 79" x 92". This braid design quilt is the first I have seen with the braids running horizontal, usually they are vertical.

You can see the pattern well on the back.............................................

Notice the 'supervisor' gave a brief appearance......................................

"When my humans are being boring I like to get their attention with activities such as tapping on my cat door until the noise drives them crazy, or getting my paw under a cupboard and flicking it in and out, it makes a fabulous banging sound that gets their attention everytime".

                "They have such boring lives my humans , they need me to entertain them".

Saturday, February 7, 2015

A stitchers Garden and meet Dimples and Harry.

As a professional quilter I can never complain about enduring a boring job, every quilt is different, from size to design, texture to what quilting my customer would like.

At the end of last year Chris gave me her 'Stitchers Garden' quilt, designed by Lynda Howell. Chris made this quilt through a class at The Apple Basket to learn the different features of her Phaff machine. As classes go this was a long ongoing 18 months long!

One of the challenges I faced with this beautiful quilt was the applique blocks have already been quilted, the backgrounds have a semi lofty stabilizer on the back side and each background has it's own 'quilting'. You will notice the above block shows wavy pin tucking, so this was my challenge, I was reluctant to do any quilting in the background. Chris agreed and we decided to just quilt around the applique's, some of these had to been quilted 1/4" away as the decorative stitching protruded past the applique shapes.

The applique background fabrics were a lovely linen, many of the other fabrics had a silver overlay.

I enjoyed 'dividing and conquering' one of the pieced borders, just to simply add another level of interest.

There is just something so pleasing about feathers on a quilt.

Straight lines never go a miss either.

Thank you so much Chris for trusting me to custom quilt  your beautiful quilt. This will not be the last you see of this design because I got given another quilt from the same class!

Last blog post I put a sneaky peek photo of a present I made for a very special who celebrated her birthday yesterday, as yesterday is over I can now share......................................Meet Dimples and Harry.

Dimples (the doll) and Harry (the rabbit) were designed by Kerry Gillespie, over at My Favourite Things. Dimples sports and linen shift and dress along with some antique buttons, Harry.............the poor fella is wearing only a name tag hanging around his neck! Notice the name tag is discreetly giving him some privacy.

I miss my special friend, I miss popping into her home for a cuppa and a natter, someone who cares for me and I for her. So when her birthday was looming and I remembered I had this pattern I knew she would love it.

There is a personal joke between her and me, you see the very first time I went to visit her at her home I was so shocked to see her hanging out her kitchen window with a rifle shooting rabbits! I saw another side to my friend one that made me laugh and feel sorry for the bunnies eating the fresh veges in her garden. Anyway when I returned home and told my husband about my visit to my new friends home he started calling her 'Gunslinger'!! So the theme of bunnies remains even though our friendship is a long distance one. Happy birthday Megan!

Here in New Zealand is a long weekend as Friday was Waitangi day. So I decided to continue with the Block of the Month I am making as a sample for The Country Yard. Still only sneak peeks until AFTER  the shops New Years Launch on 7th March.

I hope your weekend is going well, with lots of creativity and joy, thanks so much for taking the time to stop by.

Friday, January 30, 2015

In Flight and a couple of secrets

Hello readers and friends, nice to have you stopping by once again!
Today I can share a quilt I finished custom quilting for my lovely customer Leonie.

Leonie was a pattern tester for Juliet  from The TartanKiwi, designer of some amazing foundation pieced patterns. "In Flight" was designed by Juliet as a Sew Along. Please see her blog if you wish to participate.

I have been fortunate enough to quilt several of Juliet's designs, either made by her own hand or by some of Juliet's customers that have purchased her patterns. Do you remember Juliet's Big Bear quilt I custom quilted  just before Christmas? Click your way over to this post to see.

Some other of Juliet's designs have featured on my blog before, see here , here and here.

Leonie asked for 'swirls and twirls'..................I love that description! While quilting this pretty quilt the feeling of wind, freedom and summery days were in my mind and that is what I think came through my hands.

Leonie usually chooses my cotton batting and I used a variegated Gunold thread in blues and whites. I like the 'sketch' type of print fabrics for the backgrounds and the liberty type fabrics for the birds (which were also used for the backing........sorry back lovers I didn't get a photo of that).

I will be sad to loose Leonie as a customer as she and her family are making the big move to the UK. I wish her all the very best and thank her for her custom and friendship.

On a personal sewing front I have been pottering away on a few bits and pieces when time allows while making another Block of the Month quilt sample for The Country Yard.
First is a belated Christmas present for a friend in a sewing group I belong to, we have a Christmas swap in February due to other commitments of the group members.

Did you really think I was going to show you the finished item?? You know I like to have a few secrets, I promise I will show you next month!

The wee 'helper', AKA 'Supervisor'.........AKA Simon was keeping an eye on the photographer.

Same for the next photo.........................something for someone somewhere!

Back to the customer quilt I am working on......................................

Friday, January 23, 2015

Custom quilting and all over quilting designs.

Facebook followers would have seen some sneak peeks of the following quilts.

Pam was part of a sampler class at The Country Yard a few years back, as life goes for all of us from time to time Pam only finished this quilt in the second half of last year.

Pam and I were unanimous about the need for this quilt to be custom quilted, but light custom quilting, no all over quilting designs here.

You may remember seeing several other sampler quilts featured here on my blog, see here for Kerryn's (shop owner), here for Jill's, if you like purple you will like that one! Over at this post was Barbara's quilt.

Some of the pressing of seams were a bit flip floppy, this makes for tricky ditch stitching, so the quilting is not quite as elaborate as the previous samplers I have quilted, but Pam was happy and I think you will agree the quilt looks lovely.

I had fun quilting some ovals on the Log Cabin and Drunkards Path blocks, circles on the Sunbonnet Sue and Grandmothers Garden blocks, giving them a sort of framing or focus.

Pam chose cotton batting, when washed up gives a nice drape and antique look to the quilt.

As my regular readers and followers will notice feathers have a frequent slot on my blog!

the back.

Quilts make such lovely gifts to give when a new baby arrives, such a personal and practical present. Marcelle often makes cot quilts to gift when a friend or family member has a baby.

This baby quilt is a fun and cheerful cross design, using polar fleece for the backing ( which can be problematic due to the high stretch)  I suggested using a light poly batting as well. I find when you use just polar fleece with no batting the quilt seems limp and lacks life. So by adding some batting it does two jobs, the first to help give that stretchy polar fleece some stability and it creates texture and softy loftyness.

An all over quilting design (a.k.a edge to edge) is a great choice for a quilt you know is going to be washed more than two or three times a year, one that will be cuddled, dribbled on or used for making huts.

The backing......................................

Angelina is fourteen and this is her first quilt, made for her horse loving mother as a birthday present.

Made using a panel and with the help of her grandmother I think she has done a fabulous job!

Angelina saw an all over quilting design of hearts and loops on another customer quilt.
 By the way this quilt is perfectly pieced, it hangs straight and is square as square can be! Take no notice of my photo, that was how I had hung the quilt and the gusty wind was not helping any.

Thanks so much for stopping by.