Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The last day of September was yesterday.......................................

Welcome! Please enjoy your browse through the photo's of my three latest customer quilts.
                                             First up is Thelma's granddaughters quilt.

Thelma used a layer cake to make this simple yet sugar sweet quilt, simple piecing for a quilt that will surely be loved and cuddled. Thelma requested a 'girly' all over quilting design, "Whirls" seemed perfect.

Madeira doesn't name their thread colours as some thread companies do, if they gave me the job of naming the thread I used on this quilt it would be 'candy store delight'...............what variegation of colours does that bring to mind? Perhaps I need to start taking photo's of the cones of thread I use?

If you are interested how I quilt all over quilting designs using pantograph pattern you might like this short video I made quilting that very pattern on that very quilt!

Next are two rather cute quilts made for babies, to be give as gifts made by Donna. When friends and family have babies and you are a quilt maker what better gift to give than a quilt.

You may remember back in July last year I quilted this quilt for Donna. Well this quilt here is made from the scraps, simple charms pieced together then classic cross - hatching to finish off.

Donna's next quilt also features cross - hatching and some stipple, this along with the cute fun little birds makes for a calming modern quilt for a new baby.

Donna chose Matilda's Own Wool/poly batting for both quilts, which give a nice soft finish that is also durable.

                  After a few washes these birds should 'feather' up nicely as they are appliques using the  raw edge method.
Thank you ladies, may the young ones you made these pretty quilts for love them for years to come.

Yesterday, which was the last day of September here in New Zealand had me feeling like I needed to do a bit of spring cleaning. Pulling out the bed, dusting, vacuuming, polishing furniture and changing my quilts. Do you 'spring clean'?

For you Simon lovers  he was also enjoying the warm spring day too, I left the door open to the spare room and look who was on the bed........the bed he is NOT suppose to sleep on! Simon!

Thursday, September 24, 2015


Hi there friends, just stopping by to catch up on some quilts I haven't shared with you. Marcelle is our  first featured quilt maker today.

I love this quilt! The simplicity and gentle colours appeal to me. Marcelle wanted custom quilting for this quilt. I quilted a contemporary modern background filler, then quilted circles and a few pebbles in 'framed off' areas here and there.

Marcelle machine blanket stitched the orange peel/petals I then stitched and echo stitched as well ribbon candy on most petals, for interest I added a maze type pattern on just a few of the petals.

The thread used for the pebbles, circles and stitching on petals was Omini by Superior a lovely soft teal sea foam colour.

The second quilt Marcelle made was for a friends 10 year old daughter, it is a pattern from Moda Bakeshop called: "Love Layer Cake". Marcelle tells me she just used her stash rather than a layer cake.

When Marcelle sent me through the link for the pattern after I asked where the pattern came from, I laughed as I had only the week before downloaded the pattern from Moda Bakeshop for myself!

Marcelle asked for all over quilting (edge to edge). I used "Marmalade" pantograph pattern which is such a versatile pattern. The backing for this fresh happy quilt is white flannelette.

My next customer also gave me two quilts, one cot panel, aren't they marvelous for a quick present! The second quilt was a Spiderman quilt, wow! So much fun to quilt!

Liz asked for all over quilting for this soft baby boy quilt, I used "Turbulence" pantograph pattern.

 The back a lovely oh so soft creamy flannel, that as well as a wool/poly batting the intended baby will be snuggly and warm.

                                              Wise wise words from Spiderman!

Liz asked me to custom quilt this bordered panel for her three year old grandson. I was keen to play!

I wanted Spiderman to look like he was springing out of the quilt, I out lined him, quilted muscles and bought some of the background to life, without dense quilting, it's nice to keep kids quilts soft and pliable.

Loving the spiderweb border! I used the fabric as my quilting guide for the outer border. Lets hope Liz' wee grandson loves this quilt.

Thanks so much ladies for entrusting me with your lovely quilt tops.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Weekend bits n' pieces

 Nice to be sharing another blog post with you. A warm welcome to those who pop by to have a look at the goings on here but don't leave a comment for whatever reason, nice to have you here too. Today's post is a bit if this and that, or bits n' pieces.
My personal pile of quilts that need to be quilted is growing far too rapidly for my mental health, so yesterday I loaded two at the same time and put my superhero cape on and knocked two off the list!

Two different cot panels near enough the same size, the same green flannel backing and the same cotton batting made for easy loading. I chose 'Turbulence' for the edge to edge pattern and a nice Madeira variegated thread in greens and blues.

The finish came quickly as did the binding which I did entirely by machine, some might say that is 'cheating', others might say, it looks good and they are finished, I am in the latter group!

The limey green flannel backing will be snuggly for the babies that will be gifted these quilts.
The remainder of the quilts in my personal quilting pile will not get finished so quickly as they all require custom quilting.

Last week was a friends birthday and I wanted pop something special in her parcel. A couple weeks ago I was having a professional development weekend at home, playing and experimenting with vintage linens. (some of you may have seen this activity on Facebook)

The end result was three rather pretty pieces that will make gifts or keepsakes for myself! The piece I gave to my friend I bound and made into a table topper. The others may become cushions, I am undecided on that.
Below is the piece gifted to my friend.

                             The back has another small vintage Linen serving as a label.

Yesterday my sweet man and I took a drive to Helena Bay stopping in at the Cafe/Gallery there for a coffee and maybe we shared a yummy German apple strudel! Please enjoy some photo's I took on my phone while there.

The view from the cafe's deck!

Art works in the garden, fabulous plantings and white stoney pathways, this magic Kowhai tree in full flower, my phone did not do a good job of showing the Tui in the tree, but he/she is there!

The HUGE sculptured hawk and wire nest complete with eggs over looks the cafe and gallery.

For those asking where is Simon? He is still here, just resting, when you have a fabulously luxurious life like he does, it is part of his job to rest and eat well!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Time to share some more customer quilts!

Hello friends, readers and others! Today I have a bit to share with you so buckle in and let me get started.

A sample for The Country Yard called Nine Patch Wonder. A pretty soft and feminine quilt.
Kerryn (shop owner) asked for an all over quilting design, this one is called "Far East Leaf".

Next is another sample for The Country Yard. a Rail Fence quilt, complete with prairie points.

Kerryn wanted the best of both worlds for this quilt, all over quilting and a touch of custom quilting.

The middle section is quilted with swirls and feathers, completely hand guided, no patterns, stencils or marking, just fancy free farm quilting folks!

The sashing was ditch stitched on the inner side but not on the side the prairie points are connected, here I echoed the points, then on the outer edge of the border I feathered and swirled to balance in with the inner section. Both of these quilts are available as kits from The Country Yard.
A back view for you.........................

The third quilt is another sample for The Country Yard. This time the Tuesday Mystery Medallion .

For this beauty I custom quilted, plenty of the ditch stitching, cross - hatching, piano keyed border and pebbles.

I LOVE the texture and 'pop' the pebbles create! I used a fine blending thread for these pebbles, because it's all about the texture.

Classic, timeless cross - hatching was spot on for the next 'round' of this reproduction beauty.

The next round was the ultimate playground for the feathers came out to play!

this was taken before I echoed the feathers.

                     In the corners where the baskets lay, I filled in the background with textures.

The next round was simple.......................more cross - hatching..................................

Just between you and I, I chewed over what to quilt on the outer border, I wanted something classic, something that framed and 'ended' the quilt, I kept coming back to using the piecing from the delectable mountain pieced border as my guide.

                                    A couple more photo's while the sun is shinning!

I finished my last round last night on my Medallion, now all that is waiting is for it to be quilted, can anyone recommend a quilter? :-)

            To see more Mystery Medallion's pop over to The Country Yards Facebook page.

Thank you for stopping by.............until next time: