Sunday, September 14, 2014

Antique lace and a mystery quilt

Hello friends and readers, nice to have you stop by!
Barbara has been busy finishing quilts ready for Christmas presents, she knows to get her quilts to her quilter nice and early!
Barbara attended another class at The Country Yard some months back to make this beautiful quilt.

Barbara has used some exquisite laces and doiley's, some her grandmother had made, some from her own wedding dress, many she didn't have the heart to cut up, so she kept them whole and will add antique buttons and beads to hold those areas of quilt together.

Barbara chose her favourite batting, bamboo/cotton. I used a soft beige Madeira thread to 'doodle', loops, feathers, hearts and flowers. The quilt measures : 76" x 76". Barbara tells me she will add some hand embroidery as another embellishment.

Oh my, I see some feathers escaped out onto the border!!! Thank goodness Barbara likes my feathers!

The outer cornerstones received some swirled feathers in a contrasting thread.
You might remember several weeks back I quilted Joanne's Anitque Lace quilt, see here. Also, here for the class sample.
 Now a couple of 'out in the garden' photo's.

Thanks you Barbara, the family member receiving this stunning quilt will cherish it for sure, what a special family heirloom.

Next up is a quilt I quilted for Kerryn at The Country Yard. Friday night was one of her famous 'midnight madness' classes. The following quilt was what the ladies made on the evening.
I understand lots of fun and laughter were had, along with a few silly antics!

I used Jamie Wallen's all over simple swirl in a variegated Gunold thread in goldish/cream tones, over cotton batting, this quilt measures 64" x 64". Finished off with a curling ribbon on the border.

Thank you Kerryn.

Here in New Zealand we are starting spring, here in Northland however, we are experiencing rain! So much it seems. I had two days this week of sort-of-fineish weather when I should have got out and mowed the lawn, but I just procrastinated about the job and continued quilting my clients quilts. The ground is very wet outside and today has a chill in the air. I did scoot out to take a couple of photo's of a few things that are blooming in my garden.

 This glorious Magnolia, I just adore the colour. We are so happy that this tree is flowering as it was one we transplanted a couple of months back. Not so much joy for our Kowhai tree, it seems it has passed away. (insert sad face)

This wee ground cover is so happy, with it's tiny mauve flowers and cheerfulness and memories of my Mum in her better days, gardening away the day. This was a plant she always had in her garden, not sure of the name? Never the less it's my 'Mum's' plant.

Wishing you all a happy Sunday wherever you are, no matter the weather, enjoy the day!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

preserving love..........................

This post is all about preserving love! A couple of months back Cat asked me if I could please quilt a very special quilt for her. If you know Cat like I do, LOTS of the quilts she makes are special and for very special people. She makes the quilts either entirely by herself or with the help of others. This is not the first quilt I have quilted for Cat for such a purpose. See here  for two such quilts, but one of the most heart warming ones of all was the one made for Tracy.

Anyhow, this quilt was a joint effort, but the 'engine' behind it was Cat! When Cat heard Linda was in need she went to work. Read more how this gift of love started over on Cat's blog.

Linda has said some really nice things about my quilting, so when asked to quilt for her, also a professional quilter, I did feel I had some BIG boots to fill! Her quilting rocks!
I stuck with simple straight lines, some swirls and knowing you can rarely go wrong with feathers that's what I did.

I used Matilda's Own wool/poly batting and my usual Madeira threads. This quilt measures 40" x 48"

Loving the vintage sheet Cat sent up for backing!

Another example of preserving love is the recent restoration of a 1950's pram cover. June bought this lovely wool embroidered pram cover to me to see if I would restore it to it's former glory. The satin edging was worn, stained and rather tatty. After some mixed wires I got there in the end.

I suggested that maybe a label would be a nice touch so the history of this cover didn't get lost through being handed through the generations. June gave me a vintage doiley made by a family member. Only problem was the doiley was quite small for all the information June had given me. After several attempts on paper I managed to document the pram cover history.

Thank you ladies!
I have a few more quilts finished, just waiting the OK to do a blog post to share them with you.

Thanks for stopping by both here and on Facebook...........happy creating!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Next quilt at the machine

Having fun quilting something new! I am into trying some new designs lately. I will show more and tell you more about where this design idea came from when I have finished.

Tonight I got my husband to make the draw for my wee giveaway on Facebook, I sure hope the winner likes her prize!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

One for the boys

Marcelle has been busy! Now finished ready for her young son, I am sure he will be happy!

Marcelle chose Matilda's Own wool/poly batting and asked if I could please quilt similar to her other son's Dinosaur quilt, I quilted that back in 2010. Using a Signature variegated thread in blues I zigzagged and quilted curling ribbon, all will look like cool vehicle tracks to a boy I am sure! This quilt measures: 63" x 94".
Below is the Dinosaur quilt, here is the post about that quilt.

There are some fun wee prints in this quilt.

Instead of the curved egded cable, I chose the pointed edge for the border, echoed a couple of times and stippled on the outer edge of the quilt.

Okkie dokkie back lovers that's the backing, isn't it fun! Obviously this is a border fabric that Marcelle must have bought metres of and pieced together to make her backing!

A wet weekend here in Whangarei, a perfect time to finish my daughter's 21st quilt. A bright, rather loud quilt, but this is what she wants and loves, so I am happy to make the quit for her. After all a quilter loves to make quilts for their loved ones don't they!

Wishing you all a happy weekend what ever you are doing.

thanks to Pinterest.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


 I finished this quilt Cat made for her son a couple of weeks ago. Cat asked me to hold up on blogging about this quilt until she had given it to her son, I happily obliged.
Ok, time for some honesty here. I had no idea what 'Minecraft' was! Luckily I had on hand the technology....................Google,  my ole pal came to my rescue! Then things began to click into place, as last time I saw my granddaughter she was rambling on about 'Minecraft' I know!

 Simple quilting of straight lines and some modern boxy echo's on the vintage sheet border, this design was inspired this time by Angela Walters from her book 'Free Motion Quilting'. All this over cotton batting, Maderia threads and measuring 63" x 63".

Thank you Cat, so pleased your son loves the quilt he had a hand in designing!

This fellow seems to enjoy sleeping at my feet while I work, in my sewing machine cover no less!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Citrus Zinger!

The suns been shining down on us here in Whangarei, perfect for heading outside to snap some quilt photo's. This layer cake quilt works well next to our lemon tree. Draped over the number eight wire fence.

Kerryn started to make this quilt at our annual retreat.  Made using one layer cake and some yardage, this pattern is called: "Hexagon Hip Hop", from Pam and Nicky Lintott's book "Layer Cake and Jelly Roll and Charm Pack Quilts".
The quilt measures 56" x 61" the batting is Matilda's Own Cotton /poly, thread by Gunold.
My quilting design is inspired by Jamie Wallen. I watched one of his video's on YouTube on his basic swirl and thought I could use that design.

Loving the texture this creates, there is movement this way and that to keep your eye roaming over the surface of the quilt.

Satisfying you back lovers out there!

Back in 2012 I used the same quilt pattern to make my Dad a quilt. My Dad loves his quilt, he has it on his bed at the rest home.

If you want to see more details of that quilt you can pop to this spot on my blog.

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