Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Red Love

Hello watchers, followers and readers. (and stalkers!) I am sharing some red love with you today.
First is a quilt Meg made using up the leftover  fabric serviettes from her daughters wedding.

Simple straight lines seemed to work well on this quilt. Thanks Meg!

Next is a quilt Kerryn has been stitching away diligently on all year.

Bought as an unwanted kit, Kerryn had a great time stitching these Wendy Briggs stitcheries, she used Cottage Garden Thread.

Kerryn decided on diagonal lines going over her stitcheries, which has often been the traditional design chosen to quilt stitchery and redwork quilts.

I kept the quilting fairly low key around the stitcheries, swirling spirals. The same can't be said for the borders............those feathers are back!

I loved the backing fabric.....................printed log cabins! You can see the curved cross hatching I quilted in the four outer corners. This really shows up the custom quilting.

Isn't that backing amazing!!

One day you will see my finished version, here is my progress so far.

Next up is a lovely quilt Norma made to give as a gift.

I was asked to quilt an all over design in the middle, then something separate for the border.
I quilted meandering leaves..........................................

........................and some twirly feathers for the border.
The back......................................

Over on my Facebook page I often share sneak peeks of what I am quilting, I will leave you with the quilt I was working on today.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Custom Quilting.................

Hello Poppets! Always lovely to have you stopping by for a visit.
 More customers quilts to share, thank you  so much to my lovely customers for trusting me with your beautiful quilts.
First are two quilts made by Pam, the first one you will recognise as this is the forth or fifth quilt of the same design I have custom quilted.

A mystery stitchery exclusive to The Country Yard. Compiled of piece work and of course stitcheries. Pam asked for Custom quilting. 

Ditch stitching, diagonal lines for the stitchery blocks, swirls for the main part of the quilt and our beloved feathers!

Words of friendship is the theme.
The stitchery below of the two sitting on the bench has me thinking of the Forest Gump film, where he says "life is like a box of chocolates................" how true!
Where would we be without our treasured friends?

Pam's second quilt is a table runner, more adorable cute stitcheries and clever piecing.

Helen Stubbings of Hugs and Kisses designed this cute focal piece for your table called " Tea for Two".

I did very simple custom quilting, stitching in those ditches again, around the teapot, straight lines for the border and a spiral square for the middle, better seen in the following photo of the back.

Thank you Pam.
Next is a happy quilt made by Stephanie as a Christmas gift for her sister-in-law.

Stephanie asked for custom quilting, she also gave me an Auriful variegated thread to be used on the cream fabrics, this threads variegation starts from a very soft lemon moving up through to a royal blue.

Lots of ditch stitching, background fill, swirls, orange peel and a celtic ribbon/rope for the border, chosen by Stephanie.

Stephanie's sister-in-law is sure to be happy when she opens her Christmas present this year!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Stock piling.

Hello beautiful people! I hope your November is going well and you are not going on the 'stressed out lead up to Christmas' drama! I have decided it is not a healthy hobby to partake in!
In between quilting for my lovely customers I have managed to finish a few of my own things. First is a quilt that I finished the top in 2011 and finished the quilting a few weeks ago. The Maverick Star idea was from Bonnie Hunter then I alternated the start blocks with nine patch variation blocks.

I remember thoroughly enjoying making those stars, they were quite addictive. I chose some interesting fabrics for the block centres.

See here for a post from the archives about this quilt when it was a flimsy.

Well you know me by now, there has to be some feathers on my quilts! Simple cross-hatching for the main part of the quilt. Finishing with a scrappy binding. I like how the back shows the textures.

Next is a quilt I made for my seven year old granddaughter, I made the mistake of showing her a photo of Cat's son's Minecraft quilt that I quilted back here and I got "Oh granny can you please make me one?"...................well what is a granny to do?

After a few rummages through my fabrics looking for green fabrics I set to work cutting 5" squares. The quilt came together quickly. Here's hoping she thinks it's fun to have her name appliqued on the bottom border.

The techno quilting and lofty batting make for a soft snuggly quilt. I had a go at attaching the binding to the back of the quilt and bringing forward to the front and top stitched in place on my machine. Lime green flannel for the backing should also create some snuggle factor!
My new thing to do for quilt labels is to use a vintage doiley, they are perfect for the job.

Last, but not least my Winterberry Santa.

A couple of weeks ago when I went to Auckland Festival of Quilts I bought a part kit for this handsome fellow from Cameron James Designs. The kit was his face, hands, pattern and beard, which is Tibetan Lambs wool, can you feel the softness!

He is constructed over a wine bottle that you fill with something to weight it, I used cat litter, then you follow the instructions, the trickiest part was his facial hair. He has lovely hands that you cover with felted wool mittens, then embellish as you wish, in my case a rusty star, rusty bells wired berries and an antique key.

This morning while looking for a Christmas table runner to sit under him I got side tracked upon seeing my wonderful Christmas decorations!! I now have nice little displays throughout the house of my eclectic mix of handmade goodies.

Happy stress free creating!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

More yumminess........................

Hello blog-lovers, it's me again with more customer quilts.

Ngaire is part of a lively little group called "Marsden Material Girls". The group has planned a non profit event next year called " The Festival of Fibers". Part of their fund raising efforts are to raffle a couple of quilts.
Ngaire asked me if I could please quilt both raffle quilts.

First is a fun quilt designed by Sarah Fielke from her book Hand Quilted with Love, this design is called: "All That and The Hatter".

I had originally quoted for an all over quilting design  but I was a naughty quilter, I custom quilted this one!!!! I just couldn't help myself! This quilt just didn't want an all over design it screamed 'Please custom quilt me'......................what is a quilter to do?
 Thankfully Ngaire was delighted!!! Trust is a winning recipe for our working relationship. Teacups and teapots need swirly steam!
The borders were treated with tea and coffee themed words, eg; Mocha, green tea, cappuccino etc.
 I enjoyed reading the backing fabric, singles wanted adds!


The backing...............................

It would be a perfect quilt hanging in a cafe!

Next is a cheery applique/strip quilt. Ngaire asked for an all over quilting design, this time I complied!

Ngaire will be adding YoYo's and buttons to the middle of the flowers.
Do you agree with me, these are two lovely quilts to raffle off.

On a personal note I have my daughters 21st birthday quilt to share with you all.
She loved this quilt she saw on Pinterest (sorry there were no credits listed to the maker and designer to show you)

This is my interpretation.................................

I was unable to find exactly the same fabrics, but I think it has turned out nicely.

Here you can see the large flower/swirl inspired from Judi Marsden's tutorial on Youtube , teamed with a leafy border treatment.

And lastly because this is my blog,  I decided to add a photo of the quilt and the two quilted pillowslips on my bed!