Friday, July 31, 2015

Shop Hop Quilt & Sue's Sampler

           Hello friends, readers and followers, I have two customer quilts to share today.
              First is Pam's Shop Hop quilt. Pam participated in the Northern Shop Hop.

You may remember seeing this same design on my blog a while back (see here if you missed it).  Out of eight different quilts Pam chose The Country Yards one. I wanted to quilt Pam's quilt in a different way to The Country Yards sample. Pam lets me have free range on her quilts, bless her!

      On the nine patch variation blocks I quilted a Creek Key, I LOVE the look, slightly modern.

            Slightly difficult to see on this busy fabric but there are echoed arcs and pebbles.
                                                         See below for a better view.

Loving the centre stitchery block, textures, sweet textures! Pebbles and a sprinkling of little swirls!

                           Wanna see that closer?..........................

                                                    Big swirls and leaves for the outer border.

                                                One for the back lovers out there!

               Next a completely different quilt and completely different quilting, Sue's sampler.

Sue has made this for her daughter over in Texas. Sue asked for an all over quilting design, also known as edge to edge quilting because the quilting design travels over the entire quilt regardless of any piecing, sashing or borders, which makes for very cost effective quilting.

The Pattern I used is called "Espalier" which is soft and gives nice textures, for the quilting to blend nicely I used a beigey coloured thread called Mother Goose.

                          Pretty isn't it! Thanks Sue, I hope your daughter loves it.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

In Flight....................

Another fabulous design by Juliet from The Tartan Kiwi. I always enjoy quilting for Juliet, her designs are so fresh and inviting, come see!

Juliet designs paper foundation pieced quilts and blocks which she sells. I have quilted several of her designs and as well as some of her customers.

I am humbled by the fact that other than a couple of ideas from Juliet she is happy for me to put my artistic touch on her quilts.

The couple of days I spent quilting the background (the sky) was when  Northland was experiencing very grey sky's and wintery weather, so I was primed in the vibe of a moody sky.

I used a Gunold variegated thread in greys through to black, which seemed to blend well and create nice textures.

The birds were all ditch stitched and each piece, as tedious as that can be, it is so necessary to enhance Juliet's piecing. The birds received feathers, arch's and the like to give them life.

These birds are soaring high in a grey winter sky! Juliet started a Sew-Along to make these birds, I know of a couple of people that have been participating. Leonie was a pattern tester for Juliet, which I also quilted, see this post if you are interested . Juliet went with her favourite cotton batting.

         Thanks so much Juliet, I look forward to seeing more of these finished quilts.
I do have three more quilts finished but you will have to wait a few days as they have not got into the arms of their maker yet! I usually have sneak peeks on my Facebook page.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Kaffe Fassett and some of my flimsys................

Marilyn attended a class on making these interesting nine patch blocks, she used her stash of Kaffe Fassett shot cottons.

Unfortunately the lemon border turned out washed out in the photos, but one close up photo shows off the quilting. In this photo you can also see my new fancy quilt hanging method.......skirt hangers!

Marilyn and I both agreed cross hatching would work really nicely for the nine patch blocks, she was keen for variegated thread, I used a lovely orangey/tealy/pinky one from Madeira.

              The cross hatching continued out to one of the borders, this helps with continuity.
The final border is black and Marilyn loves a contrast of the variegated threads, the swirls look nice.

Here you can see the feathered border, this lemon border is quite vibrant, not that the photo is telling you that! Thank you Marilyn, enjoy your quilt.

Another month has passed so I have another 'round' of The Country Yard's Mystery Medallion. Not very fancy as I wanted a blank canvas for quilting. A simple appliqued vine, all ready for feathers etc.

I think we have two more rounds to go, then this flimsy will head over to the quilting pile to keep my Star Mastery flimsy company........................

Another flimsy in my pile is my Classic Strippy, which is a Bonnie Hunter design from one of her Leaders and Ender books.

There are others in the 'nearly finished pile'.............but Rome was not not built in a day was it! I think I need to give myself a quilting weekend working on getting some of my flimsy's into actual quilts!

Simon thinks this is a fabulous idea, he said he will do the washing, cooking, cleaning, answering emails etc.................but first he might need to rest!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Quilt for baby and quilt for 21yr old.................

My lovely customers have been busy creating fabulously fun funky quilts.................come see!

Marcelle is a generous quilt maker, often squeezing in quilt making for others between all her motherly duties. This happy quilt made from scraps is for a friend of a friends grandchild.......I hope I got that right Marcelle.

Marcelle requested cross hatching for the nine patch blocks then "something for the start blocks".

Those star blocks got stars! As well as a cross hatch in the middle square for continuity with the ninepatch blocks.

I used a sherbet coloured Madeira polyneon thread for all the decorative stitching over a polyester batting.

The baby about to receive this snuggly colourful quilt is sure to feel the love and thoughtfulness Marcelle has stitched in each seam.

Next up to share is Noeline's fun giggle time quilt made for her 21yr old granddaughter, come and share in a few laughs with me!

Apparently this block (before quilting) is Noeline's granddaughter to a 'T'............I must admit it rang true for me too :-)

                                                              Ain't that true!!
                    Noeline asked for simple quilting and no quilting over the cartoon blocks.

Looping meandering swirls and hearts seemed just right for this fun loving young women. I used a soft mauve Glide thread over cotton/bamboo batting.

Ribbon candy on that lovely stripey border worked a treat, the pink sashing has ditch stitching either side.

This photo was taken at the end of the day so unfortunately it makes the quilt look dull, which it is anything but dull!
One more block for a laugh..........................

                       Last Friday late afternoon hubby and I took a drive out to Ocean beach.

                  We climbed up and up, see those dots on the beach? They are people.

From up top we spotted a pod of Finns.......possibly dolphins. They were too far away to get a decent photo with my phone. Google Ocean beach and the images you will find are breath taking. On the way home we stopped for fish and chips, a lovely treat to end a pretty winter day.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

a cat, a flower and a change around...............

Welcome and happy Sunday. Yesterday I finished a customer quilt which I will share when permission is given after I have posted on it's merry way home south. Until then I have a few things that may interest you. I was in the need for a small change around of furniture and nick nacks today.

The area under our stairs is a place where you wonder what you can put there. A few years ago I bought that lovely roll top desk that someone lovingly converted from a Singer treadle machine, I had been using it as a small office, it looked nice but wasn't really that practical, so has gone into semi retirement. A great place to display some of my beloved 'stuff'. When moving furniture and 'stuff' do you find fluff bunnies like me?

While outside taking advantage of my hubbies help to rig up a hanging place to photograph quilts, Simon was on supervising duties, he has a short attention span and before long it was time for a lie down.

This was all in between great soakings of rain and wind. While outside I was over joyed to see my large deep crimson magnolia flowering!

There is beauty everywhere even on a cold winters day. Taking advantage of the sun while it came it stops and starts found me stitching in the sun with a coffee.

A little while back I managed to stitch a present for my friend Julie as it was her birthday and she is such a dear friend to me.

Several weeks ago I posted about learning to crochet (see here) you see I have finished my small project.

I attached my row of granny squares to the bottom of a merino tunic, I love this outfit and it goes perfect with my red boots!

I will sign off this post of a sneak peek of the quilt I finished yesterday.